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Who We Are

AUXY is producing highly promotable content written for the web. Nowadays only one in five people read web content word for word. Majority scan, skip and only read key items of interest. Most of the content created as a part of content marketing strategy is never read, if read it doesn’t get shared or link to. Essentially it does not help your marketing efforts at all. It’s meaningless.

Our Content Packages

Write the way it will be read on the web.

Survey Data-Content

Our signature product. The Survey provides us with an useful, interesting information.

Custom Data-Content

Data is gathered based on client’s needs.

Influencer Engagement Content

Engaging people of significance in creation of an asset provides us with unique set of information.

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Paid Ads

Purpose of paid ads is to create a snowball effect and attract more organic visitors.

PR Blast

Data is gathered based on client’s needs.

Ego Bait

Engaging people of significance in creation (or an update) of an asset brings the feature to their attention and closer to their heart. This increases likelihood of the feature being shared and linked to by these individuals who often have significant following and sphere of influence.

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This is our team:

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